5 Tips to Achieve the Gatsby Look

The 1920s was perhaps the most fashion forward decade in history, and “The Great Gatsby” perfectly embodies the excitement and stylish nature of the Roaring Twenties. If you want to achieve a beautiful Gatsby look, these 5 components are a must have. A Perfect Dress Dresses from the 1920s are still as fun and flirty […]

Sweet Summer News

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted on here. The main thing I’m most excited about is that I didn’t have to move to another town after all. My daughter decided it would be easier for her to relocate to this area since she is traveling quite a distance to work here. While […]

Winter Houseplant Haul #3

This is my last winter houseplant haul for the week and after I post it I plan to do some packing. More news on that later :). I really did go a little overboard with houseplants this winter because I’ve really had a hard time managing my pain. Plants are healing to me and with […]