Hello there!!

Hey bloggers! I’m Talesha (waves) and My Little Port is my new little site on the web.  I’m 19 years young and I’m growing up and ready to step out of my comfort zone.  I have two beautiful babies (do I sound like a proud mom?).  My son is 3 and let me tell you, he loves the outdoors as much as his daddy. I also have my little angel who I get to dress in bows.  She is 7 months and isn’t quite sure what she loves just yet. I spend every second of every day making their lives as fun and enriched as I remember my childhood being.  I have a handsome (swoon) fiance who loves fishing and the outdoors as much as I do.

I created my new site because my little boy is going to headstart this year and I need to fill the void I know I’m going to have with his absence.   I want to meet other moms and share tips on products I love and I’m sure there will be a whole lot of baby photos going on.  I’m an outgoing, nature-loving,  flea market D.I.Y. diva and I love shopping at antique stores as well.  Like my fiance, I love my share of fishing.  

I look forward to sharing my journey as a young mom with you.  If you have any questions about motherhood or being a fiance, just leave me a comment and I’ll answer the best that I can.