Downsizing, the after results, & I’m moving

Downsizing, the after results, & I’m moving

Well, where do I start? After my failed back surgery, I realized that I needed to downsize. You see, I’m a clean freak. If something is out of place, it stresses me to no end. I couldn’t keep up with a 3 bedroom home, so, I took the plunge. I live alone so I thought this would be super easy to do.

I found a one-room duplex that I liked for the simple reason it had wood floors and high ceilings. That did not work out. After almost 4 years, I was going crazy over the lack of storage. I was going through my belongings on a monthly basis and giving everything away. I even ended up giving away all of my furniture to buy small pieces that might make it feel bigger. And ended up with the most uncomfortable furniture I’ve ever had. After realizing that living tiny wasn’t the cute romantic picture I painted of it, I was on the hunt for a small apartment, on a bigger scale.

A year later and I’m facing the same challenges I did at my first apartment. I just don’t have a single space to spare. Every inch of my apartment is filled to the brim. I purged over the summer and gave away half of my wonderful kitchen appliances that I really loved but had no room for.

I can’t do this another year.

So, as of last week, I’ve decided on another move. This time, I am going to apply for 2 bedroom apartments only, which is still considered a small dwelling in my opinion, and it gives me more closet space. After having no kitchen cabinet space to speak of, this time I want a galley kitchen. After walking on cold floors, I actually relish the idea of carpet provided it’s new.

Check this out. The counter space is so spacious compared to what I’ve had. What you can’t see is a window over the kitchen sink which was a selling point for me. I’ve not had one in my last two apartments. Those counters are really bland but at least I’ll have some finally. I have to do all of my prep on my kitchen table now.

Downsizing, the after results, & I'm moving

Not crazy about this color carpet (photo below) but at this point, I don’t care. I have tons of large shag rugs that will do the trick.

Downsizing, the after results, & I'm moving

I put in an application at an apartment and I’m waiting to hear back from them. I provided them with the rest of my information and I should know something this week. It’s my first choice so I don’t want to put in any more applications until I know something one way or another including how long the waiting list is. It’s basic by any means but it has a galley kitchen, a laundry closet (just off of the kitchen but no more washing dirty clothes in my kitchen lol), 2 bedrooms with extra closet space in the hall, a dining room, albeit a small one, which I’ve not had in my last two apartments, a dishwasher which I’ve not had in my last two apartments (boiling water to wash dishes has lost its appeal), carpet in the living rooom and bedrooms (new), a fresh new paint job in the walls in white so it looks bigger and brighter, a nice big tub for soaking this aching back, and a few other perks include a covered patio out back with a woodland view instead of more apartments (hurrah I can sit outside at my bistro table and blog), and a nice roomy storage room attached to the apartment which I’ve also not had. I don’t even mind if it’s an upstairs apartment.

Downsizing, the after results, & I'm moving

The two hall closets sold me as well as the walk in closet in the master bedroom. *swoons* Basic or not, some things are just more important.

The two hall closets sold me as well as the walk in closet in the master bedroom.  *swoons*  Basic or not, some things are just more important.

As soon as I know something, I will either get my first choice apartment which is in the perfect area; it’s within a mile from my mom, sisters, and my daughter, in every which direction. It’s also in a larger town and for the first time ever I’ll live in the same town as a Walmart. It’s the little things, lol.

Also provided are two parks for the kids, a picnic area with a grill that we can use at any time. A community garden which I’ve not had these last 5 years, and a nice area to walk Peanut.

Downsizing, the after results, & I'm moving

Downsizing, the after results, & I'm moving

Downsizing, the after results, & I'm moving

Regardless of if this apartment will be my new home or if I have to find one that doesn’t have such a long waiting list, I’m MOVING and it’s time to start packing. Downsizing, in my opinion, is not all it’s cracked up to be. I’m over it.

45 Comments to “Downsizing, the after results, & I’m moving”

  1. Ben says:

    I hate moving so much. If it were possible I’d just stay in the same place forever and always. Only good thing is getting rid of unnecessary stuff and figuring out what you actually need.

    1. mylittleport says:

      I really hate moving too. I spent 30 years in my home before deciding I needed an apartment so I didn’t have to deal with the size and upkeep any longer.

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    I am so with you on this – we downsized from a 1 bedroom flat to a 1 bedroom bungalow. We didn’t think it was possible to do that but it was. I have to admit while the move was a good one, it is a nightmare not having storage. Good luck with finding more room for yourself.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you. I live in a small town in GA and apartments are hard to come by here. There just aren’t enough to go around and the waiting list is years on some of them.

  3. Dee Jackson says:

    I understand that minimalist living is not for everyone. I love the apartment. It’s amazing and I’d love to have one like it one day.

    1. mylittleport says:

      I’m hoping to hear from them soon on when an apartment is available.

  4. Beautiful apartment really hope you get your first choice

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you, I do as well. I can walk to just about anywhere from here, or ride my bike.

  5. Moving is not one of my favorite things in this world. Its actually one of my least favorite things to do, very stressful. But this is a beautiful apartment, I hope you get it!

    1. mylittleport says:

      I don’t like to move either but I just feel so cramped these days.

  6. GiGi Eats says:

    My husband and I are house hunting and we are trying to find something that has MORE space because we plan on expanding our family in this house. That being said, when we do move, I want to get rid of a lot of stuff – thus, I will be downsizing in THAT regard!!

    1. mylittleport says:

      I wish you luck with house hunting. In my younger days before health issues, bigger homes were always doable for me. Not so much now.

  7. emma white says:

    oh I really don’t like moving but one good part is you have to declutter and be really ruthless

    1. mylittleport says:

      So true, I gave away half of my belongings on my last move and I’m cluttered again. I need to quit shopping lol.

  8. Dana Peller says:

    I’ve always wanted to downsize, but we have two boys who have a LOT of stuff. It’d be tough for us to do so.

    1. mylittleport says:

      I can understand that. It wasn’t even a consideration for me when my kids were still at home. Now they’re married and I’m an empty nester so it’s more reasonable.

  9. We now live in a three bedroom, but used to live in a 5 bedroom! I am a clean freak as well and it was so much trying to keep it all perfect and even though I love a nice garden, it was so much upkeep. Hope you get the one you wish for.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you. I just can keep up with a full sized family home but I’m doing really well on a smaller scale.

  10. Ada says:

    Closet space is really important to me too. We have a two bed two bath apartment which has been handy since I work from home sometimes.

    1. mylittleport says:

      I’ve only applied to one apartment so far and they only have 1 bathroom which I prefer because It’s kind of hard to scrub the tub without bending over but being as I’m a clean freak, I do it anyway.

  11. mylittleport says:

    I heard back from the apartment today. I’m typing this with renewed hope. I had to sign more papers and if all goes well I may have just scored an apartment. #130. I like the sound of that apartment number and it’s downstairs from my daughter and granddaughter. I don’t want to get my hopes up but I can’t foresee any reason why I won’t get it. Never been convicted of a crime, never been to jail, I’ve never even been late on my rent. Oh my gosh, I sound boring.

  12. Kiwi says:

    Sometimes downsizing is a good thing. i hope all works out for you in you move!

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you.

  13. Rachel says:

    Moving is such hard work! I hate all the packing and unpacking! I moved to a new place recently that doesn’t have a furniture and Im sure I still haven’t unpacked everything yet! Good luck with it all!

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you. I’m not looking forward to moving because I’ll miss my neighbors but will enjoy a bigger place.

  14. Nisha says:

    We had shifted 5 to 6 houses with my small kid. Now finally we have settled to 1 house permanently. It is a pain moving things and shifting sucks.

    1. mylittleport says:

      It really is. I’m so happy you found your permanent home. I hope to find mine one day. I don’t want to be a home owner again though. It’s too stressful with my back injuries, when something goes wrong. I tried maintaining my home for 10 years after my surgery but I just couldn’t keep up with the ridiculously large lawn, etc. I want someone else to deal with EVERY little thing, lol.

  15. Miljana says:

    Your kitchen is so similar to mine! Is it mediapan? šŸ™‚ I love your space, it’s so cozy.

    1. mylittleport says:

      I haven’t actually been approved for the apartment yet. I was given an apartment number Friday so it’s hopeful. All they have to do now is check my references, etc. I’ll know more about what it is when I can move in. I’ve only seen the model apartment.

  16. Apartment hunting can be a hit and miss process and moving is such a pain. But I am happy that you are not compromising on your needs. This apartment looks fab, I hope you get it.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you. I hope I do as well. They have a downstairs apartment available and put me down for it, just waiting to hear back for the confirmation.

  17. Becca Talbot says:

    I’ve just moved house myself – though have gone from a small 2 bed apartment to a two bed house, so upsizing rather than downsizing. I can feel your pain though, it’s never easy moving home x

    1. mylittleport says:

      Congrats on the bigger home. I bet it feels more spacious. Apartments can feel really cramped at times.

  18. Valerie says:

    Im so sorry about your surgery šŸ™ it must be hard dealing eith back pain and moving! I really like the pictures, the aparment looks spacious! And you can always go to ikea to find storage solutions! I was in a 1 bedroom with my hubby and a 3 yr old and a 6 month old for a couple of months and was crazy! However, I bought 2 cuatomized closets feom ikea and instead of having nightstands i put obe closet on each side! Good luck ā¤ļø

    1. mylittleport says:

      That is an amazing idea. I’ve only seen a model apartment so I’m not really sure of the layout of mine yet. I hope I have room to do that.

  19. I personally hate moving so much.. Iā€™m in the process of moving myself. Hang in there and good luck šŸ™‚

    1. mylittleport says:

      Oh no, good luck to you too.

  20. TeeShares says:

    I hate moving but I love downsizing, i.e having less clutter. Nice kitchen there, and great points on the things you’re looking out for.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you. Moving is not on my top things I like to do but I’m really excited because I will be able to watch my granddaughter before school to help my daughter out. She has to leave an hour before school starts and has to take her to a sitter. It will save her time and I will be close to the majority of may family.

  21. Thena Franssen says:

    Everything will work out and I’ll keep you in my thoughts!!! Moving can be hard but also rewarding.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you, I really do appreciate that. I can always use positive vibes.

  22. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    Moving is such a stressful for everyone and hard work. Starting with packing things and unpacking are so stressful. That’s why I personally hate moving. LOL!!

    1. mylittleport says:

      I’ve spent a total of 2 hours packing, lol. I hate to get too far ahead of myself until I know for sure if I have the apartment. Goodness, they wanted everything. I had 2 appointments and I had to submit a batch of papers twice that they emailed me. Then I had to get a note from my doctor as to why I need a service dog because they don’t allow pets. Oh and a criminal background check. I hope to have finally finished all of their paperwork. They did assign me an apartment number at my last appointment so I feel like it’s moving in the right direction.

  23. Size doesn’t matter… The most important is having a happier life in your new environment… closer bonding with downsizing..

    1. mylittleport says:

      I agree with you. I live alone though and I don’t want to bond with myself, lol.

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