New Move

New Move

I hated leaving everything up in the air about my move, but all of the reasons I was moving out of town were resolved with my daughter and granddaughters childcare, and it made me reevaluate staying in my little hometown. I love it here.  Sure, it’s not the richest part of the world but it’s homey and everyone knows everyone and I actually like that about small towns.  As it turns out, my daughter will be moving back to this area in the near future.  I can’t wait to be closer to them when that happens.

But I am moving.  In fact, I’ve been packing (slowly because of my back injuries).  I just got a new apartment a mile away that has 2 more bedrooms than I have here, an extra bathroom, a dining room (albeit a tiny one) and an outdoor storage room.  I hope to start moving in by the end of this month.  I’ve been battling some health issues or I should say A health issue which I’ll address in another post, so I’m not overdoing it at all.  Even if it means paying rent at both places for a month or two.  Slow and steady is my only gear right now.

I can’t wait to start setting up my new apartment.  I love that I’ll have the space for a home office now.  And even though it’s less than a half a mile from everything in town I frequent, it’s in a quiet shaded spot.  It’s perfect.

Lots of photos coming soon.  I have a few DIY projects planned.  I’ve recruited the help of a family member who is crafty to help me design and make a garden wall for my kitchen.  She is having surgery when I move so it may be after the holidays or even the new year before we can tackle that.   Everything else, I might be able to pull off by myself as long as I don’t have to lift anything heavy.

I’m excited about my new chapter.  Later babes.


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