Sweet Summer News

Quite a bit has happened since I last posted on here. The main thing I’m most excited about is that I didn’t have to move to another town after all. My daughter decided it would be easier for her to relocate to this area since she is traveling quite a distance to work here. While […]

Winter Houseplant Haul #3

This is my last winter houseplant haul for the week and after I post it I plan to do some packing. More news on that later :). I really did go a little overboard with houseplants this winter because I’ve really had a hard time managing my pain. Plants are healing to me and with […]

Winter Houseplant Haul #2

I hope everyone caught my winter houseplants haul #1 yesterday but if not, please check it out. I posted some plants that are easy to grow even for beginners. I’ve always had a love of plants but I’ve not always had the time to care for them like I do now. It really gives me […]