Winter Houseplant Haul #3

This is my last winter houseplant haul for the week and after I post it I plan to do some packing. More news on that later :). I really did go a little overboard with houseplants this winter because I’ve really had a hard time managing my pain. Plants are healing to me and with […]

Winter Houseplant Haul #2

I hope everyone caught my winter houseplants haul #1 yesterday but if not, please check it out. I posted some plants that are easy to grow even for beginners. I’ve always had a love of plants but I’ve not always had the time to care for them like I do now. It really gives me […]

Winter Houseplant Haul #1

I’m obsessed with houseplants and even more so in the winter. They seem to help me get through the winter blues. As someone who suffers from chronic pain, it’s not easy to get out during the cold months. I get really tired of looking at these same walls so I buy pretty plants online, more […]