Cute Short Hairstyles for Mature Women

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m just feeling too old to style my hair or if I’m just wanting to feel youngish, but I got my long locks chopped off and I’m loving my sassy new look.  However, for some reason, I was hoping to look a lot more like the models in the photos I took with me to show the styles I wanted, lol.  My niece who has her own shop miguela.skulls at SalonFusion96 does the best job in the world as a beautician, and helped me pick one out and gave me exactly what I wanted.   

My Little Port

I have compiled a list of Cute Short Hairstyles for Mature Women for 2018 of normal people (no celebrity styles today) that would also look good for any age.

#1 This first one is the style I went with, with some highlights and I think it’s such a fun style. It’s easy to care for and my hair looks styled all the time with little to no work done beyond washing and drying. My hair is on the thin side but with the layers and highlights, no one would be able to tell how thin it really is.

My Little Port

#2 The second one is also perfect for those whose hair is thinning because it adds volume and gives a nice full look. It’s longer on the top which I wanted to stay away from. Longer always lays flat on my head.

My Little Port

#3 This next hairstyle is so flattering if you have the face and right lines for it. It’s so easy to care for and with it this short, cute wigs can be worn easily for nights on the town.

My Little Port

#4 This next hairstyle is a little longer but I wanted to include it because it’s just perfect for those who don’t want to go all the way short. I couldn’t pull this one off because my hair is flat as a board, even with a perm which I quit having because of the damage they cause.

My Little Port

#5 This next hairstyle is one I’d like to try to pull off at some point or another. My sister has a similar style and it looks really fresh and cute on her. I happen to think you can’t go wrong with a cute bob hairstyle.

Cute Short Hairstyles for Mature Women

#6 There’s something I really like about this hairstyle. I think it’s the curls and letting your hair be what it’s meant to be. I grew up during a time when afros were so popular, my older brother even sported one for the longest. He got the curls in the family.

My Little Port

#7 This last style is short, sleek and really shows off her facial lines. It’s not one I could pull off but I have a friend who wears it well. I’ve never seen her in any other style. When something works, stick with it.

My Little Port

So, what do you think? Are you ready to be a trendsetter? Would you wear one of these styles? If so, I would love to know the number you’d choose.

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  1. These are all so great! Who says that short hair has to be frumpy? Short hair can be sassy and sexy and SO stylish. Love it1

  2. Congrats on the new hairstyle. Love the look. I rock short to medium hair and I’m searching for a new style to rock this Winter into Spring.

  3. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    I love cut number 5!! The short bob is so much fun!! Its quick and easy! I think I may go this style on my next cut!

  4. So many great hairstyles! My mom will be turning 60 this year and is looking to make a change. I plan to share these suggestions with her.

    • mylittleport says:

      That is great. 60 is a great age in my opinion. The older I get, the more I enjoy life. I never thought that would be the case.

  5. These are great hairstyles for mature women or younger women. I love that these styles are fashionable and on-trend. I think I like the last one the most.

  6. I love the short curly grey hair so beautiful! I have always had long hair but as I get older it is harder to maintain. Switching things up might be an option in my future

    • mylittleport says:

      I’d always had long hair too but I’ll never go back to long after seeing how fun and easy it is to wear it short.

  7. Rose Ann SAles says:

    Yay. totally loved the 4th one! it has this fresh vibe as well as classy vibe!

  8. These are cute hairstyles. I am all for having something a little less maintenance over long hair! How fun for a summer haircut too!

    • mylittleport says:

      Short hair is going to be fun in the summer. I always sweat like crazy on the back of my neck when it’s hot out, with long hair.

  9. I love the short spiral look. I currently have long hair but the shorter looks are quite appealing to me.

    • mylittleport says:

      I love the spiral look too. I gave my granddaughter spiral curls the other day with a curling wand. She looked adorable.

  10. I’ve cut my hair a few times and haven’t found the short style I really love yet. I love these options though! Super cute!

  11. I have recently had all of my hair grow back after it all falling out due to an illness. I am so excited to get a style soon! hanks for the inspiration!

  12. These are all great hairstyles. I have actually never had my hair shorter than shoulder length though.

  13. Such great choices! I really like the one that’s a bit longer and curly. I think it would really suit me.

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