Anatomy of a 9 year old girl

Anatomy of a 9 year old girl

I don’t know what it is (hormone’s in cows milk?) but girls these days develop so much earlier than I did many moons ago.  The anatomy of a 9-year-old girl is certainly different today than it was in the 60’s. It was unheard of for a girl to have a menstrual cycle at 9 years old.  I didn’t even know what that was until I was in my teens.  In fact, I was old enough to date before Aunt Flo visited me for the first time.  When my daughter hit puberty at 9 and now my granddaughter has, all I can think about is how much money it will take to buy sanitary products until they reach menopause.  Does that make me sound cheap, lol?

There is a reason for this introduction.  I have a neighbor who is absolutely hilarious and she was with me when I was shopping for sanitary napkins for when my granddaughters who are “cursed” are at my home.  And she told me her story on the subject, which goes something like this…

My Little Port

Everyone around her was starting their periods except her.  Her sister, her cousin, every one she knew was having one.  But not Ms. M.  Uh uh, no not her.  And she took offense to this.  She wanted her cycle.  She deserved her cycle.  It wasn’t fair that everyone else was having one except her.  She cried, month after month after month.  She prayed, month after month after month.  And still no visit from Aunt Flo.  She finally talked her mom into taking her to the doctor to see if anything was wrong with her.  They gave her some pills, I’m guessing they were birth control pills, to see if that would help.  And bless her little heart, she finally had the long-awaited period she desired.  She was on top of the moon.

Well, her mom couldn’t continue to buy the pills after that first month so she snuck off one day to go see a lady who she calls the healer.  I have to be honest in saying I have no idea what a healer is (for some reason I’m picturing a witchcraft & voodoo type person).  But she went.  She told the healer of her problem and the healer advised her she’d be able to help.  I can see her now, excitement written all over her face.

She was given very clear instructions on how to have the beloved cycle she desired.  She said them out loud.  She memorized them.  She was ready.

The healer told her to wear her panties for 3 straight days.  As a clean freak, this thought hurts me to my core. She couldn’t change them or remove them, which I’m guessing meant no bath for 3 days.  Then, she had to walk around her house in a complete circle backward.  Then, and only then, she was to remove her panties and burn them. Well, Ms. M was so happy to burn the panties she had worn for 3 days and said she’d never try that again.  That pretty much cured her desire to want a menstrual cycle (as it would me too).

My Little Port

She’s 65 years old and she has no idea how lucky she was to have lived a life of no cycle.  But I know.

True story.

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24 Comments to “Anatomy of a 9 year old girl”

  1. Kendra W. says:

    Interesting post. I started my menstrual cycle at 9 years old as well. I was scared as hell lol. I agree that it is crazy how fast girls develop these days.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Wow, I can’t imagine being that young myself.

  2. Cassie says:

    What an interesting post! That is very young to start your menstrual cycle. I didn’t even know anything about it when I was that young. I do remember being jealous when other girls started before me, but now looking back that was awfully crazy of me lol

    1. mylittleport says:

      Lol, I was blissfully unaware that such mandate was coming one day.

  3. My mom – in the 60s – started at 9 and my daughter too. I think 9+ is totally normal.

    1. mylittleport says:

      In was thinking it was horribly young but it seems it is the norm from everyone’s comments.

  4. Dee Jackson says:

    This is uncanny. I started that early. I remember when I was in fourth grade. It was horrifying

    1. mylittleport says:

      Oh no, poor you. I’m glad I was older than that.

  5. It is true. Kids develop so fast these days. Your neighbour sounds hilarious!

    1. mylittleport says:

      She’s a hoot. She keeps me laughing on a daily basis.

  6. Great article. I think about this with my own daughter who is only two. How will the wold be when she grows up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. mylittleport says:

      The world is changing at a crazy fast past.

  7. Christina says:

    I was in 7th grade when I started my period and that was fairly early among my friend group. Interesting how we all do it at different times.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Goodness, it’s so hard to imagine considering I was in high school, lol.

  8. Yeah I can’t imagine having your first period at a very young age. Kids are growing so fast nowadays, later you know the we’re all driving!

    1. mylittleport says:

      Speaking of driving, my oldest grandson got his learners license on his Birthday. So far I’ve been able to ward off him driving my car, lol.

  9. Siti Aana says:

    I am glad that there are posts like this where some parents can get decent knowledge from. It is so helpful in many ways!

    1. mylittleport says:

      Thank you for your insight.

  10. Sarah Bailey says:

    I was really young when I started my cycle, one of the first in my friendship group and year at school. I hated it, I had grown early and started early and I just wanted to be like everyone else, so I was very much the opposite.

    1. mylittleport says:

      Oh wow. I would hate to start my first time when I was away from home. That happened to my granddaughter at school.

  11. Anchal says:

    It really is crazy how fast girls grow. I think I had mine around 11 years of age and I thought It was too early

    1. mylittleport says:

      I thought anything under a teen was too early. But after reading the comments on here, it’s pretty much the norm. Crazy.

  12. fashionmommy says:

    I was 12 and I started on Christmas Day, not really something I’d forget. They really are the curse of being a woman.

    1. mylittleport says:

      I think that would be a very memorable day to start, lol. Man oh man even 12 sounds young to me.

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